You are not alone in your journey. We are here to support, encourage & pray with you as you await the return of your prodigal child

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prodigal parent process resources

In this Parent Prodigal Process Series, we will cover the unspoken story of being a parent of a prodigal. You are not alone; it seems that many parents have a prodigal that they have a burden for.

In this series, Dr Doug Weiss will unveil several causes for a child being a prodigal, and learn how the impacts of being a parent of a prodigal. You will also learn how being a Parent Prodigal is impacting you and your marriage.

Gaining practical tools to help you as a prodigal parent will help you go through this process more intelligently. Regardless of where your child is in the journey, this series can help you understand your grief and feelings and help you get support as you walk through the Prodigal Parent Process.

"God, your father not only understands your pain but feels
it with you."

about the author

As a nationally known author, speaker and Christian Psychologist for over thirty years , I’ve heard many parents of prodigals in my office share feelings of despair over the direction and path their prodigal has chosen to take.

All too often I hear these questions:
How can I make my prodigal change?
What did I do to cause this?
How do I respond to my prodigal’s behavior?

My heart in creating this series is to therapeutically walk you through the answers to these common questions and so much more. 

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Resources for parents of prodigals are few and far between. If you’re able, I recommend sharing some of the information you have learned from the Prodigal Parent Process with other parents of prodigals who are struggling. If you feel called to help other parents in this situation, feel free to register a Prodigal Parent Support group with my team at 719-278-3708. Churches are lacking this fundamental space for prodigal parents and the vital information you can bring through a support group can help bridge this gap. I additionally want to encourage you to join my support forum on Facebook for parents of prodigals – all of whom are at different points of their journey.

youversion bible study

Dr. Doug Weiss has partnered with YouVersion Bible App to bring relevant Bible studies. We encourage you to check back as Bible studies are regularly added.

Many Christian parents endure the pain of having a prodigal child. Unfortunately, the trauma and grief of the parents of prodigals is rarely addressed in the church setting, leaving many to take this journey alone. There are real biblical solutions available to everyone who is walking through broken parent-child relationships and carrying the scars of what Christian Psychologist, Dr. Doug Weiss, calls the Prodigal Parent Process.

The famous story of the prodigal in Luke gives us an outline of the addiction process as well as the principles for the journey back. This story of addiction is timeless and so are the principles for recovery. God’s desire is always for us to leave our addictions to follow Him. Join me, as I walk scripture by scripture through the journey of the prodigal.

counseling options

Many Christian parents endure the emotional and spiritual pain of loving a prodigal child. Daily they suffer, often alone in their silence, watching from afar as their child makes poor choices. Unfortunately, the trauma and grief of the parents of prodigals is rarely addressed in the church setting, leaving so many moms and dads to take this journey alone.  There is hope! Heart to Heart Counseling Center offers counseling for you as a parent of a prodigal.